About Us


We are   Cameron and   Jess

the Co-Owners and creators 


Sgt. Pepper's

Fat Burrito! 

Cameron is a veteran of the 

United States Air Force

and served over 9 years. 


We have 4 children, 

big ambitions, &

We love burritos,

Therefore we share

that love with you!

Our mission is to spread the love of 

music, art, culture, travel, and food in the community! 


Why the Beatles

and burritos?


We are obsessed with music, the beatles, and food! We put our favorite things togetehr and vua-la!

All of our children are named 

after Beatles Songs... It's pretty serious. 

Cameron grew up watching his mother who loved the beatles so much! 

They made her happy and that inspired a love in Cameron! 

He has forgotten more about the Beatles than most people learn in a 


So why burritos????

Cameron is a one pan kinda man! 

Over the years his love of 

breakfast  burritos and his mad skills became everything burritos!

Turns our you can put many of your favorite meals in a tortilla and call it Gooooooood.

all of our burritos are 

dreamed up by us!

Our kids have teased Cameron for years

"Dad!! These burritos are so good! 

you should sell them and make us rich!!"

When we first met we knew we wanted to

own our own restaurant and music venue.

Thus, Sgt. Pepper's Fat Burrito!!

It sometimes feels like a roller coaster 

with a beautiful view;

we might thow up, but we are strapped in and we are not going to die!! haha. 


This is even more fulfilling and rewarding than we could have ever imagined! 


**HUGE Thank you TO ALL OF YOU 



Thanks to you we are living our    dream